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Aren't MP3s illegal?
   MP3 is simply an audio format and as such has no legal standing. While rights owners have concerns about a format that is used to make digital copies of music, it's not the MP3 format itself that is at issue but rather the copying of music - regardless of the particular format used in creating the file. In fact, while the MP3 format is the main music format available on the file-sharing networks, there are a variety of other audio and video formats in use.
   Today, there are over 220 million users trading MP3s & videos on these legal file-sharing networks. Rest assured that File-Sharing is 100% legal, MP3s are 100% legal, and your membership to this site is 100% legal. (see article below).
   This site does not condone piracy or breaking copyright laws. The MP3 sharing tools available on our website are powerful search tools & we recommend that you use your discretion when downloading music and movie files.

    The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) offered no comment, but are of course issuing an appeal to the ruling already. The RIAA will be targeting users who upload/share "substantial" amounts of copyrighted music or movies. Read the following article for more information:



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