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Help and Frequently Asked Questions

I'm using AOL, will this service work for me?

Yes, our software will work for you. We are AOL Friendly!

If I have a question, is there a real person that can help me?
Yes! We have a support staff that is very willing and able to help answer any question you might have.

Do I need DSL or Cable to download the files?

Absolutely not! Even though DSL & Cable are becoming popular, you can still download music using a modem. It just takes a little longer.

I'm a new computer user, will this be very complicated?
Not at all. Setting up the software is very easy.

How long will I have to wait to gain access to your website?
Your  Instant Download Access will be granted after payment Immediately.

Can I download MP3's, videos or games directly from your website?
Even though we don't have any MP3's, videos or games available for download on our own servers, you will be able to download them by using the programs we offee. In order to get MP3's, you need special sharing software. We will give you access to the latest file-sharing program being used, so you can start downloading files right away today, right now!



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